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Just taking a sneak peek at the Essentiel spring/summer 2011 lookbook, one can say there will be lots of fruity, delicious colors and adorable flowers this season, which will bring a playful and vivid selection of attire, perfect reflection of the brand’s dynamic spirit.

With the warm season right around the corner, Essentiel offers us the spring/summer 2011 lookbook presenting the hottest trends of the Belgian label. With flirty eye candy dresses and skirts making a strong comeback, it will certainly be a beautiful season.

The new lookbook features many short, cute skirts and dresses with amazing prints and soft, fluid, summer-appropriate fabrics such as silk that offer maximum comfort. Besides, the line is infused with a wide range of pant styles, from classic and flared style to carrot pants and cargo approach.

The Essentiel spring/summer 2011 collection also includes shirts, t-shirts, blazers, cardigans and tunics, which are a must for this upcoming spring season. With sailor stripes refusing to go away, one can spot them in the Essentiel lookbook too amid other gorgeous prints and embellishments, cute bows and flowers.

The Essentiel spring/summer 2011 collection has three main sources of inspiration. The first one is “West Side Story”, which features a special color combination that includes blue, red and white, with a bright yellow shade being added to this palette. As summer is the perfect season to seek new adventures and discover new places, the second source is an adventure book. The color palette including khaki, camel and ocher strongly makes us think to a journey in Africa.

Still, for less adventurous and daring types, Essentiel comes with bohemian items, specially created for girls who love clothes exuding femininity. Therefore, adorable dresses and lovely tunics in an interesting and contrasting red and black color combination represent the best choices for those looking for the uber-feminine, romantic appearance.

Since Liberty prints have been so popular during the past seasons, the Essentiel spring/summer 2011 lookbook brings you a touch of color through sweet floral printed short dresses and blouses that can easily make a feminine statement. As for the colors used, bright shades of yellow and red flawlessly alternate with milder hues of white and beige.

Accessories are known as the best way to add some interest to a dull, simple outfit. The Essentiel spring/summer 2011 collection also proposes one-of-a-kind, wearable accessories such as scarves, belts and unique handbags. Platform and high-heeled sandals are a must for the warm season. They come in neutral colors or, on the contrary, in rainbow-inspired, vivid shades of yellow, green or red.


It is more than a real pleasure to watch the New Look spring/summer 2011 collection. Adorable clothing items and fabulous accessories touched by a vintage vibe, amazing details, lovely embellishments and embroideries, sweet, bohemian floral prints, candy colors, and playful dots, everything in one special, wearable collection for the upcoming season.

Among so many different summer collections, there is one that seems to draw all the attention due to its incredible colors, intricate beading and one-of-a-kind embellishments, and the fabrics used. Both affordable and wearable, the New Look spring/summer 2011 collection stands out through its interesting modern-vintage combination managing to cover all the season’s trends.

From crisp white and beige to bright, fruity colors, from romantic florals to flirty dots and chic stripes, this is one extremely rich collection that has something in order to please everyone. Moreover, the New Look shoes and platform sandals are fabulous and vintage-like handbags are absolutely beautiful.

A well-chosen pair of pants can be a real lifesaver during summer, especially if you choose one made from a light fabric. The pants in the New Look spring/summer 2011 collection might be difficult to wear since they are absolutely delicious due to their sweet candy colors. Bright pink or green smooth, silky pants that gently covers your legs sounds more like a caress. This new line manages to cover a large palette of pants styles, from carrot pants and skinny to wide leg and flared, ’70s-inspired pants.

Nothing seems to describe better the warmer season than a pair of shorts. Practical and versatile, shorts are suitable for every occasion and flatter almost every body shape.

The New Look spring/summer 2011 collection comes with a wide range of shorts making our choice rather difficult. You just have to know your personal style and choose a pair that works best for you. You have plenty of possibilities, whether you want something more sexy and bold made from silk or a more office-appropriate high-waisted pair of shorts. Floral prints can be seen also on shorts, while the timeless denim comes into the spotlight used for different clothing items.

The truth is that there is no warm season without dresses and skirts. These are to essential pieces that bring a fresh touch to our look during hot summer days. You can wear breezy, flowy dresses made from summer-appropriate fabrics, such as silk, lace or cotton. The New Look spring/summer 2011 contains something for every style, therefore you have plenty of variants available, from maxi to short dresses and skirts, with beautiful prints and psychedelics. Still, there are other two special items that draw our attention and which are key pieces of the New Look collection, the denim and the floral printed jumpsuits.

This week’s best dressed showed us that it is possible to look chic and not freeze, a skill we’re trying desperately to succeed at lately. Rachel Bilson paired a perfectly simple cream cable knit sweater with suede booties at the airport. Florence Welch successfully paired a tough leather jacket with a girly scarf. Kirsten Dunst and Jessica Alba both did preppy with a twist, with button downs and pea coats. Finally, Madge looked fabulous in this fur and leather coat with leather gloves. Here’s to warmth!

Casual chic fashion outfits look amazing and can definitely help combine comfort with chicness so take a peek a the new Goodone collection for the SS 2011 season and select the perfect outfit for you!




Fashion trends change every 6 months so that people can always adopt a fresh look, which will maintain a high interest towards their physical appearance and style. Because fashion designers have their own muses and sources of inspirations a variety of fashion styles can be differentiated. The Goodone spring/summer 2011 collection manages to underline perfectly the diversity in fashion due to the interesting outfits combined which however don’t try to look eccentric but stylish and suitable for the new season.

Choosing to adapt a fashion style which is unique and which is you not copycatted is a must if you wish to be admired for your incredible sense of fashion and the Goodone spring/summer 2011 collection can definitely offer you the opportunity to be unique but not stand apart from the mainstream fashion. This fashion collection is worth all of your attention so take a peek at the fabulous designs and try to see if you can find yourself in the collection’s style:

The designs try to combine casual sporty garments with more chic fashion items to create a well balanced and unique look which manages to stand out and attract positive attention. It is quite difficulty to create an outfit by mixing and matching different style fashion items but it seems that the designers for Goodone have managed to pull off this look flawlessly.
Mesh leggings paired with cool shorts or long shirts look fabulous and exude quite a high amount of sexiness but without showing any signs of vulgarity.

Lovely shorts, maxi skirts paired with sporty tops, cool jersey leggings which feature contrasting colors for a cooler look, lovely multi-tone dresses dominate the collection and help be the stylish collection it is. These stylish fashion items suit women with different body types so you are likely to find an outfit which suits your body perfectly if you love casual-chic fashion.

The tight fit mini skirts featuring a higher waistline, tapered linen trousers with drawstring waistbands and paired with jersey tops and strappy high heel sandals might not the standard outfit that comes to mind when searching for a fabulous outfit but you might be surprised of the results given by the Goodone outfits.
Inspire yourself from this fabulous fashion collection and you will radiate style!


Extreme femininity is what the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2011 Collection screams. Besides, the accompanying retro lookbook totally reflects this approach. Clothes and accessories, flawless feminine details and clean tailoring, sweet florals and pastels combine in order to get the perfect ladylike vibe. The Louis Vuitton Cruise 2011 lookbook speaks for itself, being the right lesson about femininity.
“For Fall, Marc went back to curves, the woman. This is continuing in that spirit, but going to extremes with jewelry and accessories.”
Well, the accompanying lookbook for this collection captures the idea of femininity entirely, going beyond all palpable things.

Extremely feminine clothes that perfectly combine modern and vintage, silk blouses, suede jackets, ladylike dresses, flared skirts, cinch-waisted shorts, and high-waisted trousers represent wearable pieces that exude femininity through details and cuts, bows and pushed-up busts. Refinement, grace and nonchalance are three of the characteristics that best describe a woman and the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2011 collection manages to take in every single one of these features. Moreover, the handbags, hats, leather driving gloves, oversize accessories, and scarves romantically securing the hair come and balance the looks.

What’s the best definition of femininity? Sometimes, it can be described as the ideal combination of inner and outer world, in a harmonious way. Some people say we are born with it and it cannot be thought. Therefore, can we talk about two types of femininity? One that is exuded and cannot be materialized and another one that comes under different touchable shapes? Taking a glimpse at the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2011 lookbook it is impossible not to see the ideal “partnership” between the two.

Sometimes femininity can be that discreet touch of finishing an outfit. It comes and completes an overall aspect, adding the missing piece. For example, a pair of high-heeled shoes with bows and floral prints, cute embellishments adorning romantic, flared dresses, or a pair of cateye sunglasses.
The Louis Vuitton collection for 2011 proposes chic pieces in pretty colors, such as pale pink, soft buttery yellow, light green, and prints of fruit vines and peonies.

The luminosity and simplicity of the outfits give a melancholic, romantic, yet sophisticated and elegant feeling. Marc Jacobs managed to create for the Louis Vuitton 2011 a collection that takes us on a journey to the land of style. Oversize chain necklaces and leather driving gloves are matched with sweet floral printed ballerina flats, ladylike dresses and feminine retro hairstyles. Model Anne Vyalitsyna manages to render the feeling, while photographer Mark Segal captures the unique atmosphere.

Besides pastels and fruity colors, one can see the timeless, classic black used to take femininity to the maximum. A gorgeous little black dress and a seventies outfit were the black “intruders” in the collection. A pair of high-waisted trousers, a lace blouse, and a thin belt perfectly capture the ’70s vibe. The already legendary items of the brand, such as the monogrammed luggage, the reinterpretation of the classic Speedy, and other eye-catching details remind us of the Louis Vuitton style and spirit.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, or simply enjoy the holiday season however you celebrate it.

No matter what style you go for hair color will play a huge role in your look. This brief gallery of creative hair color ideas for 2011 will provide you with a insight into the top hair coloring trends of the season and will give you the necessary drive to switch things up and go for a brand new hue. Whether you’re after and edgy or simply a versatile look the success is guaranteed when flirting with the idea of some of these hair dyeing options.

Ask any hairdresser the quickest and most efficient solution to say goodbye to bad hair days is a brand new and smashing hair color. Those who are eager to add a shine factor to their look should definitely drop a glimpse at this brief insight into the most creative hair color ideas 2011 created by real hair gurus who managed to revolutionize the rules and principles of hair dyeing. Using some of the newest formulas and high class tools they manage to grant us with a versatile and spotless look that serves as the best means to sport a unique style.

There aren’t many people who wish to stick to their initial and original hair color. For them the best sources of inspiration would be the fabulous galleries as presented here that offer them the chance to see how the different shades behave when paired with a base hair tone as well as other hues. Check out these vibrating tones that still manage to preserve the natural and chic look of the hairdo. Place the different tinted highlights into the front sections or the lower layers and make sure you pay special care both to positioning as well as application.

  • If you’d rather go your own way and use an at home hair coloring kit make sure it has all that it takes to secure the best conditions of hair coloring. Highlights might give you some difficulties therefore if you wish to rule out the chance for any hair disasters it would be wiser to contact a pro hairdresser. On the other hand block-coloring might seem easier as you won’t have to worry about positioning. Choose red, purple, pink or dark green as the ultimate solution to cheer up your tresses. These shades might seem pretty edgy at first however any hair guru can turn it into a must have accessory of your upgraded do.

    Christmas 2010 Fashion Tips

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    Christmas 2010 is arriving soon and if you have got the invitation for the Christmas party, then we are sure you must be thinking to look stylish as ever. Read on to learn about some Christmas 2010 fashion tips in this article.

    Whether you believe it or not, the basic style statement for this year’s Christmas is to be simple yet elegant. Try not to wear anything that will make you uncomfortable. You may choose Christmas clothes in rainbow colors to flaunt your own style statement in a Christmas party.

    Avoid wearing shimmery or clanging clothes this Christmas as it is out of fashion. Also, stay away from glitzy bracelets and accessories for the upcoming Christmas party. Choose to wear either black or white weather with alternate color pants or skirts for the Christmas party 2010.

    You may accessorize your Christmas attire with a stylish belt to look happening. There is a lot of variety for belts in the market to choose from. You may opt to wear cummerbund belt or any belt that doesn’t spot a flashy buckle. Go for fashionable boots to complete your chic look for this year’s Christmas party.


    With box office hits like Inception and Shutter Island, it doesn’t surprise us that Leonardo DiCaprio is the highest-grossing actor of 2010, according to Forbes. Landing on the number two spot, however, is Mia Wasikowska – a relative newcomer who starred in the Golden Globe nominated flicks Alice and Wonderland and The Kids Are All Right, but first caught our attention with her brilliant turn as a suicidal gymnast in HBO’s In Treatment. Wasikowska’s career is hotter than ever with 3 films slated for 2011, including the starring role in a Jane Eyre flick opposite Dame Judi Dench. For more on Mia and other rising Hollywood starlets, check out our February issue on stands January 10, 2011.   –Kayla Chobotiuk

    Amar’e Stoudemire, the New York Knicks’ power forward, is planning on launching a fashion line with designer Rachel Roy.

    According to Page Six, the line will be part of Roy’s contemporary line for Macy’s, Rachel Rachel Roy. Though details are still being settled, so far, it’s looking that the line will just be for women.

    Amare’s rep said, “They’ve had conversations but nothing’s confirmed.” Macy’s didn’t respond. Roy’s rep had no comment. The line is being planned for release in the Fall of 2011.

    -Taneisha Jordan

    Source: NY Post